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The DBMS_FLASHBACK package enables you to flash back the database to an older version at a previous point in time or at some previous SCN. You use the undo segments to go back (or flash back) to a previous version of the database. The value of the UNDO_RETENTION parameter sets the limit on how far you can go back in time. 6 provides you with examples using the DBMS_ FLASHBACK package. Listing 24-23 shows the contents of the package. Listing 24-23. The DBMS_FLASHBACK Package SQL> DESC DBMS_FLASHBACK Argument Name -----------------------------PROCEDURE DISABLE /* Disables flashback for the entire session */ PROCEDURE ENABLE_AT _SYSTEM_CHANGE_NUMBER /*Enables flashback Type -----In/Out Default ------- --------

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Note that the wc -l switch has been replaced with -w for the last solution. This is because the result of the shell s expansion of the asterisk will appear in the form of a single line of filenames separated by spaces.

Microsoft (R) .NET Framework PE Verifier. Version 2.0.50727.42 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. [MD]: Unverifiable PE Header/native stub. 1 Error Verifying autoPInvoke.exe Only assemblies built with /clr:safe can be successfully verified using PEVerify. Assemblies built with /clr or /clr:pure implicitly require features that are not verifiable. For example, to use native types, the C++/CLI compiler emits IL instructions that use pointers for read and write access to virtual memory. In addition to verifying code with PEVerify, code can be verified on the fly during JIT compilation. However, this feature is only turned on if you execute in a sandbox. If an assembly cannot be verified, this does not imply that the assembly does bad things, it only means that the code verifier cannot guarantee that it does not do bad things. On the one hand, code verification is a requirement for sandboxed execution; on the other hand, assemblies built with /clr and /clr:pure fail to pass code verification. Even if you do not use unverifiable features in your source code, assemblies built with /clr or /clr:pure are not verifiable, because unverifiable features are used during assembly startup.

starting at the specified SCN*/ QUERY_SCN PROCEDURE ENABLE_AT_TIME /* Enables flashback for the entire session, using query_time to find the closest SCN*/ QUERY_TIME FUNCTION GET_SYSTEM_CHANGE_NUMBER /* Returns the current SCN */ SQL>

The LogMiner tool lets you mine or analyze online and archived redo logs. You can use the tool either to undo changes made to the database without having to perform a formal recovery, or to audit user sessions. The DBMS_LOGMNR package provides the functionality for the LogMiner tool. The package lets you specify the redo logs and the SCN or calendar time from which to start the analysis. You can view the results of the execution of the DBMS_LOGMNR package by selecting from the dictionary view V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS. 16 reviews in detail the use of the LogMiner utility and the DBMS_LOGMNR package. Listing 24-24 shows the procedures that are part of the DBMS_LOGMNR package. Listing 24-24. The DBMS_LOGMNR Package SQL> DESC DBMS_LOGMNR Argument Name Type ------------------------------ ----------PROCEDURE ADD_LOG_FILE /*Adds a redo log file to the list of files to process*/ LOGFILENAME VARCHAR2 OPTIONS BINARY_INTEGER FUNCTION COLUMN_PRESENT RETURNS BINARY_INTEGER /*Determines if undo or redo column values exist in the log files*/ SQL_REDO_UNDO RAW COLUMN_NAME VARCHAR2 PROCEDURE END_LOGMNR /* Ends the LogMiner session */ FUNCTION MINE_VALUE RETURNS VARCHAR2 /*Returns undo or redo column values if they exist*/ SQL_REDO_UNDO RAW COLUMN_NAME VARCHAR2 PROCEDURE START_LOGMNR /*Starts the LogMiner session*/ STARTSCN NUMBER ENDSCN NUMBER STARTTIME DATE In/Out Default ------ -------

You use the DBMS_ADVISOR package to manage all the management advisors, such as the SQL Access Advisor and the SQL Tuning Advisor. You must have the ADVISOR privilege to have full access to the packages procedures. 17 contains examples of the usage of this package. Table 24-2 shows the important procedures of the DBMS_ADVISOR package. Table 24-2. Main Procedures of the DBMS_ADVISOR Package

Creates a new task Deletes a specified task Starts execution of a task Gets the text report of the task s recommendations Modifies a task parameter Creates a script of all the accepted recommendations Performs analysis on a single SQL statement

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